Raising Capital For Small Business

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The challenges of raising capital for startup businesses are very enormous. Finance, as we know, is the lifeblood of any business. We either need it as capital to start the business or as cash flow to run the business. As an entrepreneur, the skill to attract the right investments is key to your business success.

There are very limited options when it comes to accessing loans from government and financial organizations in this part of the world. Even when you approach the banks for loans, the conditions given can be very difficult to meet. Although other options may include raising money from Families and friends, there are still limitations to some extent as to who will believe in your idea.

The good news is, Grants, unlike loans, do not need collateral, they are not expected to be repaid. Examples of grants that have assisted startups in Africa is the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. The vision of this programme is to empower 1000 African entrepreneurs with 10,000 Dollars each, annually for 10 years.

After studying this digital book, you are going to understand the various forms of capital, what investors are looking out for, how to make your business attractive for financiers and finally a guide on how to successfully apply for grants.



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